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Doorsets can be supplied with sound reduction up to 36 dB for standard construction or up to 43dB for high performance.

We have tested a wide range of doors including single and double, non-fire and fire resisting (FD30 and FD 60), unglazed and glazed.
Door performance is measured in accordance with BS EN ISO 10140 and rated according to BS EN ISO 717-1 as required by Building Regulations Approved Document E.

For standard performance the tested doors were fitted with non-specialised ironmongery and conventionally installed so as to allow normal opening and closing. Thus the test results give a realistic indication of the performance that can be achieved in practice.

In general the requirements for acoustic performance are covered by Building Regulations Approved Document E Resistance to the passage of sound. For schools these can be met by following Building Bulletin 93 Acoustic Design of Schools.

For compliance with Building Regulations Part M at high levels of sound insulation, powered opening may be required; see the note under Acoustic seals above.

Test results
For a performance summary see Acoustic doorset range table.

Click here to see an index to Test results graphs.

Performance in practice
The overall acoustic performance of a construction will depend on the size of the doors, correct installation, elimination of gaps, and control of flanking sound transmission. We recommend that an acoustic engineer is consulted where sound insulation is important.