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Acoustic seals are supplied fitted as required for performance. In most cases combined fire, smoke and acoustic seals can be supplied where necessary.

For many configurations we use an improved sealing system with the seal fitted to the door stop and the face of the door closing against it as shown below. This has the advantage that there are no projecting fins on the jamb or door edge (except on meeting stiles of double doors), thereby reducing operational friction.

Seals do not generally affect the appearance of the door, with the exception of FD90 and FD120 fire-resisting acoustic door assemblies where a face-fitted threshold drop seal may be required.

For more details of seals see Acoustic doorset details.

For higher performance acoustic doorsets and smoke control doorsets, due to the need for tight seals, the initial force required to open the door may exceed the maximum of 30N set by Building Regulations Approved Document M for accessibility. Therefore, where such doors are required to comply with Part M a powered opening/closing system will probably be necessary. See Shadbolt drawing SPEC-645.