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Door frames
Frames are purpose-made machined hardwood, MDF, softwood, or composite. The design, profiles and dimensions of frames, linings and architraves can be varied to suit specifiers' requirements, subject to any performance limitations.

For veneered door leaves Shadbolt will generally select a species of compatible appearance for the frame. Frames may be stained or tinted before finishing. Veneered frames and architraves are also possible.

Shadbolt can supply assembled and braced subframes if so required with all doors and hardwood framesets.

Hardwood lippings are applied to either the two long vertical edges or to all four door edges. The lippings may be exposed or concealed on the door faces.

Acoustic doorsets details
Examples of details for acoustic doorsets (non-fire or fire resisting) are shown below. For more details see Acoustic doorsets (registered clients only)