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Door testing and certification
Shadbolt security doors have been successfully tested against BS PAS 23 for general performance and BS PAS 24 for enhanced security as shown below (PAS is a Product Assessment Specification). Tests were carried out on normally installed and operable doors of standard construction.

PAS 23-1 General performance requirements for door assemblies. Single leaf, external door assemblies to dwellings.
Includes tests for: operating forces, resistance to vertical loads, resistance to static torsion, slamming resistance, closure against obstruction, abusive forces on handles, resistance to soft and heavy body impact, resistance to hard body impact, basic security and cyclic operation (opening and closing).

PAS 24 Enhanced security performance requirements for door assemblies. Single and double leaf, hinged external door assemblies to dwellings.

Includes tests for: manual manipulation, manual infill medium removal, mechanical infill medium removal, mechanical loading, manual check, soft body impact, hard body impact.