Building Applications

Since our inception, we have been privileged to have been involved with thousands of architectural projects of every varying application. This has given us the experience and knowledge of how to approach different types of development in the best way, whether it be commercial, residential, education, healthcare, public or hospitality.



Our panelled and flush doors provide a high quality appearance for any residential use, suiting both traditional and contemporary appearance while providing the performance of modern forms of construction.

They are designed to enrich interiors and can be used throughout the home – living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms. The doors provide an outstanding quality of appearance with a choice of veneer finishes, or paint lacquers in an enormous colour range.

Doorsets can provide 30 or 60 minutes fire resistance in an exceptional range of size envelopes. Sound insulating doorsets help to protect against noise transmission. Security doors are fully tested and can be used as internal entrance doors in apartment blocks.



Doors in hospitals and other healthcare buildings have to meet very demanding requirements: resistance to heavy usage and impact, ease of cleaning, and often fire protection. Shadbolt doorsets meet these very demanding requirements as standard.

Double doors and extra wide doors allow ease of access for wheelchairs, trolleys etc.
Doorsets are robust and resistant to impact. They have achieved the highest possible Severe duty classification, enabling them to be used in the most demanding applications where they are subject to frequent use and abuse. The high-quality finish encourages better treatment from users.

Standard finishes are hygienic and easily cleaned. Postformed bullnose profiles and flush glazing systems can cater for the highest levels of cleanliness. Anti-bacterial finishes are also available.

Doorsets can provide 30 or 60 minutes fire resistance in an exceptional range of size envelopes. High performance also available up to 120 minutes. Special functions include Clean room, anti-ligature fittings, special ironmongery, privacy glazing.



Shadbolt doors have long been associated with office developments, being able to combine quality of finish with fire resistance and acoustic insulation.
The exceptional quality of construction and the range of high-quality finishes (veneers or colour lacquers) make Shadbolt doorsets ideal for office installations from the standard to the most impressive. Fully matched schemes of doors, frames, trims and wall panels can provide outstanding aesthetic quality, including single or double doorsets, oversize doors, storey height doorsets or doorsets with overpanels.

Doorsets can provide 30 or 60 minutes fire resistance in an exceptional range of size envelopes; also available up to 120 minutes. Acoustic doors and wall linings are particularly suitable for conference rooms, board rooms, seminar rooms etc.


hotels & airports

Shadbolt doors combine a high standard of appearance with robustness and fire resistance, making them perfect for all hotel applications including bedrooms, public rooms, and protection of escape routes on corridors and stairs.
There is a wide choice of veneers, or paint lacquers in an enormous colour range. All doorsets can be matched regardless of performance requirements, so a harmonious appearance can be achieved.
We can provide extra wide doorsets to improve accessibility, and Spacesaver doorsets to combine accessibility with economy in space.

Fire doors protect individual rooms and circulation spaces with 30 or 60 minutes fire resistance. High performance doors are also available up to 120 minutes. Sound insulating doorsets help to protect against noise transmission between rooms and in public areas. Sound absorbing wall lining panels in the same finishes as doors can improve acoustics in circulation spaces.
Our doorsets are robust, resistant to impact and abuse, and suitable for frequent usage for both public and non-public areas.

Shadbolt doors meet demanding performance standards and are suitable for severe duty applications, making them ideal for airport applications such as public areas and toilet fit-outs.
Shadbolt veneered doors and panelling schemes have also been widely used in prestigious CIP lounges in airports throughout the world.



Shadbolt purpose-made internal doors, doorsets and lining panels for schools and other education buildings enable specifiers to meet official guidance and standards for acoustic performance, fire protection, durability and resistance to abuse.

■ Acoustic (sound insulating) doors protect teaching spaces from outside noise.
■ Acoustic (sound absorbing) wall and ceiling lining panels control reverberation times to improve speech intelligibility in teaching areas.
■ Acoustic linings absorb sound and reduce noise in circulation spaces.
■ Fire resisting doors provide 30 or 60 minutes protection in an exceptional range of size envelopes.
■ Double doors and extra wide doors enhance accessibility.
■ Doors meet the Severe duty classification, resistant to frequent use and abuse.

A comprehensive manual: Shadbolt Doors and Doorsets for Schools and Educational Establishments, is available on CD on request.

Acoustic design
Acoustic design of schools now has a greater significance since it is controlled by Building Regulations. School buildings are subject to design checks and on-site inspections by building control officers. Building Regulations (England and Wales) Approved Document E4 Acoustic conditions in schools requires each space in a school to have the acoustic conditions and noise insulation appropriate to its use. This can be satisfied by meeting the values for sound insulation, reverberation time and internal ambient noise given in Section 1 of Building Bulletin 93.

Regulations and guidance
In teaching and study spaces, sound is reflected from room surfaces (walls, ceilings etc). Hard surfaces reflect more sound, giving a longer reverberation time (the time taken for the sound to die away). If there is too much reflected sound, speech becomes difficult to understand. Building Bulletin 93 specifies reverberation times for various spaces such as classrooms and assembly halls.

There is also a requirement to provide sound absorption in corridors, entrance halls and stairwells to avoid interference with teaching and study in adjacent rooms. The amount of additional absorption should be calculated according to Approved Document E Section 7.

Acoustic Design of Schools.
We recommend that a specialist consultant is employed for the acoustic design of all education buildings.

Sound insulation
With acoustic sealing, doors can provide sound insulation of:
44mm doors: 32dB Rw
54mm doors: 35dB Rw
These will suit most locations where a 30dB Rw performance is required by Building Bulletin 93. Higher performance (up to 44dB Rw) can be achieved if required.

Sound absorbing linings
Shadbolt can supply sound absorbing lining panel systems for walls and ceilings. These systems can reduce reflected sound, control reverberation times and thus improve speech intelligibility. To be effective, panels must be correctly distributed on surfaces, and therefore specialist advice should be sought in designing such treatment.

Doors and Doorsets
Shadbolt doors for education buildings will meet performance requirements for:
■ Fire resistance FD30 and FD60 (or E30, E60).
■ Smoke containment
■ Sound insulation
■ Severe duty
■ Clean room / laboratory doors can also be supplied.

Fire performance and duty are accredited under the BM TRADA Q Mark third party scheme. Generally, where required, fire and acoustic performance can be combined in one door.