CE Marking

CE marking is a Europe-wide system which gives the purchaser an assurance that a specific product is fit for purpose and is made under quality-controlled conditions.

CE marking for non-fire rated external doorsets is already in force, and CE marking for fire rated external doorsets is due to become compulsory from 1st November 2019, but the proposed CE marking for internal doorsets has been delayed.

CE marking of doorsets

Shadbolt doors & CE marking

It must be stressed that for internal doors, CE marking will be applicable only to a standardized range of doorsets. Doorset assemblies (ie doors and frames supplied separately, with ironmongery by others) such as those generally produced by Shadbolt will not be required or eligible to be CE marked.

However our doorset assemblies are able to meet UK Building Regulations by virtue of their independent performance certification (see below).

Shadbolt in any case will offer a range of CE-marked Shadcore doorsets as soon as this becomes possible.

Current situation for internal doorsets

The planned implementation of CE marking for both internal fire and non-fire doorsets has been delayed, but in the light of the progress made with external doorsets there are plans to reduce the usual three year transition period and instead set a deadline of November 2019. This applies throughout the EU, not just in the UK.

To add to uncertainty, if the UK leaves the EU as planned it is quite possible that CE marking may no longer apply in the UK, although it would still be relevant to products being exported to the EU.

Fortunately, UK Building Regulations will still apply, and can be met without the need for CE marking.

Shadbolt doorset assemblies

Shadbolt doorset assemblies are covered by extensive testing and ongoing independent third party certification by UKAS-accredited organisations (UKAS = UK Accreditation Service). As such:

■ They are fully acceptable for compliance with Building Regulations.

■ They offer additional freedom for the specifier by allowing an extended range of sizes and performance. CE marking, whilst useful for standard doors, does not allow this freedom.

■ They provide significant additional assurance in that the certification scheme requires regular product audit testing.