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Environmental management system
The Shadbolt Environmental Management System has now been formally certified for EMS Cert Markcompliance with the international standard ISO 14001: 2004. To achieve this, it is necessary to undergo an intensive third party audit and examination of a company’s in-house environmental processes and procedures.

Shadbolt is also wholly familiar with the environmental requirements of BREEAM, SKA and LEED and can provide a range of products to suit each respective standard.

We will not purchase or make use of timber materials which appear not to be from such sources or where there is doubt about the nature of the sources.

Sustainable materials sourcing
We endeavour to source all timber and timber-based materials used in our production from responsibly and sustainably managed sources as demonstrated by FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) certification. Where suitable FSC®-certified material is not available we endeavour to obtain materials from other certified sources or sources which appear to us to be responsibly and sustainably managed, even though not formally certified.

Suppliers and customers
We work with and strongly encourage suppliers, specifiers, contractors, subcontractors, clients and end users with whom we deal to adopt and follow similar policies with regard to sourcing of materials and products.

Energy use and carbon emissions
We have undertaken and are continuing to undertake a series of initiatives to maximise energy efficiency and reduce energy use in our works, production processes and transport fleet on a continuous improvement basis.
All such improvements lead in turn to reductions in our carbon emissions and carbon footprint.

In line with our policy of continuous improvement we are continuously striving for cleaner production, improved energy efficiency, waste reduction and new ways of safeguarding and enhancing all forms of responsible environmental practice.

Waste management and pollution control
We have undertaken and are continuing to undertake a series of initiatives to reduce the quantity of waste produced from materials, processes and packaging. Where possible materials are re-used or recycled within our works. Other materials are removed by licensed waste contractors for recycling or correct disposal.
We have systems in place to minimise or prevent the risk of pollution of the external environment in any form.

Staff involvement
We have undertaken a programme of informing and training our workforce at all levels to raise awareness of the need for environmental responsibility, the actions which we are taking, and the ways in which individuals members of staff can contribute to the company's overall environmental performance and its continuing improvement. For example, our buyers are trained to give priority to purchasing from suppliers with FSC® CoC controls in place for veneers, lippings, cores and glazing beads. This is monitored by accreditation from SGS.

Social and ethical responsibilities
We adopt responsible policies to minimise the impact of our work processes on the local community.
The certification schemes for sourcing of timber in which we participate include, as a condition of certification, respecting the rights of indigenous peoples and the local workforce in areas where timber is sourced; this is particularly relevant in the case of the Forest Stewardship Council.

Legal requirements
We comply with or exceed all legal and regulatory requirements applicable to our operations.

This environmental policy statement and supporting information are freely available to our suppliers, customers and to all other interested parties.
Copies of certificates and other relevant documentation are available for inspection by interested parties where applicable.