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Building Information Modelling is a method of modelling a building and all its elements in digital form. It may be regarded as the future of construction projects, and is expected to become obligatory for public sector developments.

A BIM object can be inserted into a building design to see how it will work and look. It brings together all the information about the building and its components so that anyone involved in the design can access that information. It offers a more efficient method of design, reducing the risk of mistakes, incompatibility of components, and unnecessary changes.

The use of a BIM model can extend over the whole life of the building, not just the initial design process.

BIM and building products
Products are represented as BIM objects which can be shown in relation to the whole building and to each other. They combine all the information that defines the product including visual data, geometry, performance characteristics and functional information. The object can be placed in position in a design so that it behaves in the same way as a real product.