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Circulation areas
In commercial, public and similar buildings, wall surfaces in circulation areas such as corridors, entrance lobbies and stairs will be required by Building Regulations to have Class O flame spread performance.

Shadbolt Class O veneered panels provide this performance and can be used without restriction in these areas. Shadbolt Class O panels have the same finish as standard panels and ENcore or Shadmaster doors, and so a consistent appearance can be obtained throughout a building. See Shadbolt fire retardant panel section.

Shadbolt Class O veneered panels with Class 0 performance can also be supplied for ceilings. If required these may have edge details to suit standard exposed or concealed grid suspended ceiling systems.

Demountable partitions and mobile walls
We can supply veneered panels for proprietary demountable partition systems, sliding/folding partition systems and mobile walls. These panels allow co-ordination of appearance with doors and other veneered elements in the building, and enable performance requirements to be met.

Any of the veneers and finishes described in our finishes and Substrates section can be used, subject to performance requirements.

Our standard panel constructions will meet the Class 3 flame spread requirement without special treatment. Where Class 1 or Class 0 is required, Shadbolt Class O or Class 1 panels will provide the performance without compromising appearance.

Lift entrances and cars
Lift car panels and entrance surrounds can be co-ordinated with wall panels and doors as part of a comprehensive scheme.

These often form a striking feature of reception and circulation areas of a building.

Furniture and fittings
Our Shadmaster and other veneered panels provide an excellent base for the manufacture of all types of high quality furniture, enabling complete schemes of furniture and fittings to be co-ordinated with wall panelling and doors.

We can work in partnership with one of the UK's leading quality furniture companies, ensuring first class levels of support and guaranteed excellence. This enables us to offer a more comprehensive level of veneer matching and co-ordination throughout all areas of a project.

We frequently supply veneered components to others for manufacturing into boardroom and dining tables, reception desks, folding screens, purpose-made office desking and entire purpose-designed office furniture systems. Often, intricate combinations of different veneers and inlays are used, to striking effect.

Storage systems
Veneered panels are used in the manufacture of high quality storage systems and fitted cupboards, enabling them to be co-ordinated with wall panelling, doors, and other furniture.

Media walls
Video systems, projection screens and other audio-visual presentation equipment may be incorporated into a panelled media wall. Greater flexibility in the use of space is achieved by concealing equipment behind movable panelling when not required; we can achieve faithful matching of veneers on fixed and movable panels, essential for a high-quality effect.