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Conventional factory-hung doorsets
Factory-hung doorsets are generally said to offer a number of advantages over a separate door leaf and frame. However, Shadbolt’s experience and customer feedback shows that these advantages are often lost because of the practical requirements of the construction process.

The building programme usually demands that door frames are installed at an early stage, in order to allow wall openings to be finished and floor finishes to be laid.      

With factory-hung doorsets, either the whole doorset is installed too early, or the door leaves are removed from their frames and stored for later installation. In either case the doors are vulnerable to damage by following trades, and to deterioration due to cold and damp in an unfinished building. There is also a risk of doors being installed in the wrong locations because packaging and labelling have been lost.

Why ‘Virtual Doorsets’?
For these reasons, Shadbolt are now offering customers the option of ‘Virtual Doorsets’ where door and frame are fully prepared but are delivered separately.

Shadbolt have introduced this concept in response to our customers’ experience of how doorsets are actually installed on site.

A Virtual Doorset comprises a fully finished and matching machined frame and door leaf plus hinges, door furniture, fire/smoke/acoustic seals and glazing as required.

But the main components (frame and door leaf) are supplied separately, delivered to site at different times to suit the building programme.

This gives the contractor more flexibility and greatly reduces the risk of damage to doors, incorrect installation etc. We can also supply on request a template comprising a frame and blank door (one template for each door size) to assist with accurate installation of the frame.

Since all our doors are purpose-made for particular projects, we are very flexible in the way that we offer our products to meet individual customer’s needs. Large volume door manufacturers are not able to offer this.

Our manufacturing is computer numerically controlled to eliminate errors and ensure that frame and door will always fit. The majority of our customers operating in all types of contract now generally elect to use our Virtual Doorsets. We will of course continue to offer conventional factory-hung doorsets for those who prefer them.

Virtual Doorsets - plus points
+  Frames can be installed earlier - installed frames are less liable to damage than complete doorsets.
+  Frame and door leaf are supplied to suit the building programme.
+  Doors are delivered when required, to be installed immediately, making site damage far less likely.
+  Frame and door are fully finished and machined for hinges and locks.
+  Fire / smoke / acoustic seals and glazing are fitted if required.
+  Later installation of the doors protects them from adverse temperature and humidity conditions which usually prevail in the early stages of construction.
+  Shadbolt can co-ordinate and manage the supply of frames and doors including associated drawings, door schedules, and delivery programme.
+  Storage of doors on site is avoided.
+  More flexible than the large volume door manufacturers can offer.
+  In practice offer the same reliability and quality of performance as a conventional doorset.
+  Dry lining can progress more quickly as door frame manufacture can be accelerated with early delivery to site.
+  Additional transport and unloading costs are minimal compared with the additional costs if doors suffer damage on site.
+  Every door and frame is carefully labelled with a unique bar code to ensure that each door can be married up with the correct frame.

Conventional factory-hung doorsets - negatives
-   In practice doorsets are often installed far too early, leaving doors at risk of damage on site, whether they are left in the frames or dismantled and stacked to await later installation.
-   Door leaves are highly vulnerable to adverse temperature and humidity conditions in the early stages of construction.
-   Site storage is often in poor conditions; the longer components are on site, the greater the risk of damage and loss.
-   Risk of muddle; when the major parts of the doorset are separated, and labelling often removed, it is difficult to ensure that each door is installed in the correct location.
-   Lack of flexibility – the manufacturer must have all relevant information before commencing manufacture including selected ironmongery and floor finishes.
-   Dry lining is held up as door frames have to await completion of the door leaves.
-   There is an extra cost of dismounting and re-hanging doors.
-   Unloading time savings can be negated by the difficulty of handling heavier products at a later stage in the project when fewer resources may be available.
-   There are health and safety considerations for site labour offloading and moving heavy assembled doorsets.