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SConnectionshadbolt continue to develop methods of door and doorset supply to meet the demands of modern procurement processes.


Shadbolt can provide whole life cost analysis for our doors and doorsets, offering a range of options taking into account the expected level of duty according to the type of building, location and usage. This analysis is applied to the whole assembly, since all the elements have an effect on life span.

Because lower quality initial specifications will need more frequent maintenance and replacement, it is often the case that a higher quality initial specification for doors and doorsets will be more economical over the life of a building.

Shadbolt have always specialised in high quality, high performance doors and doorsets, and our standard doors are generally suitable for normal heavy duty and severe duty use. Experience therefore indicates that Shadbolt products will be an economic option when whole life costs are considered.

Whole life costing graph



Best practice commitmentConstructing Excellence
Constructing Excellence unites the numerous bodies which were formed following the original Egan Report, including Construction Best Practice Programme and M4i (Movement for Innovation).

Shadbolt are building on the foundations established under Egan and M4i, and as part of our commitment to raising standards we are registered with Constructing Excellence.

Strategic Forum for Construction
The SFfC has developed targets for key areas for the construction industry. Originally devised for the London Olympics, these are being extended to the whole of the building industry, replacing the objectives of the Egan report. These commitments cover six areas: procurement and integration, client leadership, design quality, commitment to people, sustainability, and health and safety. The last two were not covered by Egan. The SFfC strategy is being implemented through Constructing Excellence and other bodies.

Movement for Innovation
Movement for Innovation (M4i) embraces individuals and organisations who are committed to improve the performance of the construction industry. The M4i Board has the task of stimulating clients and industry to work together to bring about the changes recommended in the Egan report, including value engineering and whole life costing.

Key Performance Indicators
The Egan report established the concepts of performance measurement by KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), and Benchmarking - based on the best performance achieved in practice.
Shadbolt have established internal systems to enable us to publish KPIs and make them available to our clients. These will embrace:

Estimating, processing, production and delivery times and costs
Defects quantities and costs
Client satisfaction with service and quality of product
Financial performance of business
Health and safety record.
Environmental issues

We are introducing systems to accurately measure these criteria and set benchmarks, with the objective of continuous improvement.